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Wonders of Life Pavilion Removed from Custom Maps

Have you ever had the opportunity of visiting the old "Wonders of Life" pavilion when it was open? If you did so, consider yourself very lucky. That pavilion has been used as the Festival Center for many years now, and even though it not open anymore as an attraction, the building itself is still featured in the park maps around the Walt Disney World Resort. Just recently, though, the entire pavilion has been completely removed form the customized maps that guests can create at home (you have to be logged-in to use this service)...

This is an older customized map, where the Wonders of Life pavilion (the orange structure) was still visible:

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Now, take a look at the current map:

Free Unlimited Image Hosting by IMGboot

As you can see, the Wonders of Life pavilion is officially not part of Epcot anymore. Is this a sign of things to come? Is there even a remote possibility that the pavilion will be finally re-purposed in the next few years? We wish, but the future of the pavilion does not look very bright for now...

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